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About Amateur Radio Station Operator kb8vsr
Written By: Shane Worth

Thank you for visiting the kb8vsr web site. I have been an amateur radio operator since November of 1994. I started as a tech-plus operator using mostly vhf-uhf operating frequencies. In 1996 I decided my license priviledges needed upgraded and passed my 5wpm Morse code examination. I was so excited in learning the code in a few months returned to take my 13wpm Morse code examination in spring of 1997.

I was into packet operation on the vhf-uhf bands and have communicated via the ham radio tcp-ip Internet network. This is a way that you can communicate world wide with a small vhf transciever. Our local Internet system was operated by amateur operator n8ydt. He used a uhf backbone on the 220mhz ham radio band and his bbs frequency was 145.65mhz. When you logged into this bbs frequency you could connect to other servers throughout the network of amateur radio operators that also ran tcp-ip radio operated servers. With this vast amount of computers connected via radio links people are enabled to communicate with stations throughout the whole world. This is how amateur radio Internet works.

I then decided i'd enter another fastinating faset of amateur radio. Slow Scan Television, a way of sending pictures usually .bmp or .jpg picture files over a world wide hf ham radio tranceiver. The main frequencies used for SSTV are 14.230mhz and 14.233mhz. The mode of operation is USB (Upper Side Band).

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